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Miami Beach in 100 Photos

In honor of the Centennial of Miami Beach, the prestigious photographer Johnny Arraiz, known for his work in the entertainment world on an international level, and known for his work in U.S Congress for the community service with providing growth to the city, has developed “Miami Beach, 100 years, 100 photos”; through a donation of 100 iconic photos that represent the best of the city. From the 22nd to 26th of March of 2015, in the Art Deco Museum of Miami Beach, on 1001 Ocean Drive, there will be a photographic exhibition with 100 pieces for tourists and locals alike to enjoy in multiple facets using a metropolis theme, including fashion/cosmopolitan, diversion, glamour and modern architecture as well. There will also be a book presented, “Miami Beach: 100 years, 100 photos” by Johnny Arráiz", at the official exhibition. The City of Miami Beach is celebrating its 100th birthday, transforming the area into an endless venue of musical performances, fashion and 100 hours of experiences that promise to be unforgettable for it's audiences. Kicking off the first day, on top of the photographic exhibition, will be a display of cars and a fashion show. Additionally, beyond the multiple activities and the 100 hour celebration, there will be a huge wedding with 100 couples and a ceremony where immigrants will receive their American nationality.

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